TRENDING: Celebrities Rave About La Luna Sangre’s Pilot Episode

  • June 20, 2017

Ruffa Gutierrez, KZ Tandingan, Getchen Ho, and Jed Madela among other stars are raving about the first episode of La Luna Sangre.

La Luna SangreLa Luna Sangre

La Luna Sangre

La Luna SangreLa Luna Sangre

On its first episode aired on Monday night, June 19, many famous personalities tuned in to their televisions and made time in between their busy schedules to watch La Luna Sangre, ABS CBN’s newest horror-action fantasy drama series starring Kathryn Bernado, Daniel Padilla, Angel Locsin, and John Lloyd Cruz. It is a continuation of Angel’s Lobo and the sequel to Imortal.

Right after the show, many celebs and non-celebs took to Twitter to express how thrilling the first episode was. Ruffa Gutierrez pointed out the outstanding performance of Angel and ex-boyfriend John Loyd Cruz, while Jed Madela revealed that the show got him emotional. La Luna Sangre was a trending topic on Twitter the whole night with the hashtag #LaLunaSangreAngSimula.

La Luna SangreLa Luna SangreLa Luna SangreLa Luna Sangre


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It’s only the pilot episode and people already can’t get enough it!