Sofia Andres Heartbroken Over Her Little Brother’s Mild Stroke

  • August 6, 2018

Actress Sofia Andres shared on Instagram her family’s current struggle when she revealed to her fans and followers that her younger brother, Bryan Andres, suffered from a mild stroke and that doctors found a mass in his brother’s brain.

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The Bagani actress wrote: “my angel had mild stroke yesterday. they found a mass in his brain and it’s lacking of oxygen. he still can’t move his right hand and his right jaw. im praying for the fast recovery. i hope you guys can help our angel. he needs your prayers and love. he still can manage to smile and laugh when i visited him last night but i know that deep inside him he’s really in pain.  this is hard for me and to our family. I trust you, God,”

Sofia also shared an Instagram story of her holding her brother’s hand in the hospital. She captioned it with: “I love you more than I love myself, buddy,”

We’re praying for the fast recovery of your brother, Sofia!

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