Remaining Resilient

  • June 13, 2018

The term “astig” is uncommonly used by millennials, only opting to use the term sparingly to describe someone of great character. But what does the word “astig” mean to millennials? What does it take to be considered “astig” nowadays? Is it remaining resilient in times of hardships? Is it channeling your inner strength rather than focusing on your physical attributes? Is it being proud of who you are and where you came from?

We spoke to Filipino millennials and MEGA Millennials Ball attendees Carlos Laurel, Wryan Chua, and Van Allen Ong on the biggest obstacle they encountered and how they overcame it, along with a piece of advice they can offer other struggling people.

Carlos Laurel admitted he had his fair share of self-doubt and felt he was never going to be good enough, but he surrounded himself with people who made him better and leaned on his family for support. He learned not to care too much about what others think and it helped him work on himself without the judgment of others.

Living alone since his sophomore year in high school was tough for Wryan Chua. He had to learn how to be independent at a tender age. He garnered strength within himself because to him, “that’s the only way I can survive being alone and keep myself away from being depressed.” Being handed big responsibilities as a teenager has taught him to be more understanding and mature ahead of his years.

Van Allen Ong nearly got kicked out of school before, and it’s one of the things he never thought he’d go through. By seeking help from his family, friends, classmates, and teachers, he became a better version of himself and made an effort to stay in school. He took his education more seriously and gained self-control to avoid doing something he’ll regret in the future.

When faced with difficulties, we must learn how to cope with the situation and overcome it with an indomitable spirit and sheer fortitude. Such stories of bravery and unwavering strength are the epitome of the new breed of “astig” and define what makes a millennial Filipino worthy of being identified as one of the most resilient people. Take pride in your struggles for you are a Filipino–born in the new millennium with the strength and wisdom of those before you, poised to take on whatever challenge, and rise back gracefully from any adversity.



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