Kisses Delavin Calls Out MayWard Fans Who Bashed Her Latest Photo For MEGA

  • June 12, 2018

Kisses Delavin has been no stranger to bashing but she has always handled her trolls gracefully. The latest of the negative and mean things that she had to face from her detractors were comments on her latest MEGA Magazine Reunion cover photo.

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“Sometimes when it’s quiet, you think about everything you have and that’s when you are more inspired to do more than what is asked of you” —Kisses Delavin (@kissesdelavin) – Grab the digital version on FLIP100 available on June 8. Download FLIP100 via the AppStore or Google Play. – PHOTOGRAPHY @markednicdao CREATIVE DIRECTION @sukisalvador ART DIRECTION @jannpascua @tanyamallillin FASHION DIRECTION @feroxia assisted by @lynalumno and @steffslno BEAUTY DIRECTION @trinateb @marellaricketts SITINGS EDITORS @peeweeisidro @angelordecartagena GOWN @amatoofficial by @furneamato RINGS @bulgariofficial SHOES @nereku MAKEUP @owensarmiento HAIR @johnvalle20 NAILS @extraordinail BODY ART MIKEE RAYMUNDO & TRES SIMBULAN of MAC COSMETICS PUBLISHING @archiecarrasco @janinerecto – All gowns by AMATO by Furne One Special thanks to @yugenpr, @josh_mangila & STAR MAGIC PHILIPPINES – #MEGATheNewPHWithKissesDelavin #KissesDelavin

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Comments that aimed to bash the actress were seen on MEGA’s Instagram post of Kisses’ solo photo but she did not let them get to her and replied cooly saying, “Oh, hi @ mayward fans! You’re here too! Aww, thanks for following all my photos and projects  related to me! Not to mention how quick you are pa when it comes to me! Nauna pa kayo kaysa sakin to visit this photo ah! Hehe how cute! Thank you! Keep ’em coming! God bless you all!”

Kisses has not replied to any negative comments since she posted her reply.

What do you think of how Kisses handled it?

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  • She’s really brave enough not to please people who doesn’t like her. that makes me more proud of her. you cannot hate kisses cause shes so loving. God bless her soul 😊 quiet fan here but seeing her successful makes me feel happy 😍😊😊