Kilig Guaranteed: Celeb Valentines’ Dates Compilation

  • February 13, 2018

The day of hearts is finally approaching and mixed reactions are coming from everyone. People in relationships are beyond excited and must be really busy by now planning for how they’d take their significant other out on that special day. However, the people from the singles club are also very occupied by thinking of how they can distract themselves on that day, where couples will probably be seen everywhere. Don’t wanna be salty but, seeing them kind of makes it sad that you’re single huh? Hence, here is a compilation of how your fave celebs have been celebrating Valentines’ that surely will cover up for being alone on hearts’ day and make you feel so kilig.

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1. James Reid and Nadine Lustre

Ah of course, real life sweethearts and power couple JaDine never fails at showing everyone how sweet it is to be loved by someone dearly, and their Valentines’ date last year at Japan definitely made everyone jealous of how it surely is lovely to be celebrating the day of hearts with a very special someone (and celebrating it overseas too).

2. Liza Soberano

Nowadays, it seems so hard to believe that chivalry isn’t dead, that the harana stage is way done for, but it looks like the world’s most beautiful face Liza Soberano just showed us through her Instagram post last Valentines’ that it might still be alive and that some guys are still into sending pretty bouquets. I think everyone knows who this might be from already, but keeping it a bit private, Liza didn’t tag anyone in the post. Any guesses as to who this gentleman is? Could it be the guy that posted their selfie on Instagram on the same day?

Me and my queen 👑❤

A post shared by Enrique Gil (@enriquegil17) on

3. Janella Salvador

A bouquet for a very beautiful girl. Another beautiful face Janella Salvador also posted, though a day late, a bouquet with what seems like a written note without tagging the person it came from. It seems as if the sender has made Janella very happy as her caption was “goodnight” with a smiling cat emoji. So guys, take notes, if there’s one way of sending your girl to sleep happily, sending her a bouquet (not just an emoji) can really be helpful.

Goodnight 😸

A post shared by Janella Salvador 🦄 (@superjanella) on

4. Kim Chui and Xian Lim

It seems as if Kim Chui has her own #MrThankYou that had surprised her for Valentines’ even though she said he didn’t have to. On the eve of Valentines’, Kim had posted a picture of a bike and flowers coming from Mr. Thank You. On the day itself, she posted a very cute picture of them revealing who Mr. Thank You was (but it’s not like it was a big secret though).

5. Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford

Of course, the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Crawford has been and forever will be each other’s Valentines’ dates. Last year, Coleen posted deets about their Valentines’ date night. We’re totally jealous.

Date night ❤

A post shared by Coleen Garcia (@coleen) on

These are just some of the super nakakakilig but also super nakakainggit Valentines’ posts from your fave local celebrities that just prove that love is indeed a need to keep up with their busy and hectic schedules and like us, they also get kilig when celebrating with their significant others.


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