Here’s Why Edward Barber Owes His Showbiz Career to LizQuen

  • May 15, 2017

Inside Showbiz weekly EXCLUSIVE: 

Edward Barber credits LizQuen as the reason why he got interested in joining PBB. He says that the love team visited Dusseldorf, Germany and Edward went to see them with his family. He narrates that while they missed the chance to see LizQuen in person at that time, someone from The Filipino Channel (TFC) saw him and his sister and suggested that they join PBB. The said the person took a photo of Edward and sent it to PBB, and then the show contacted Edward and an online interview happened.  “If we didn’t go to the concert of Liza and Enrique, that man wouldn’t have seen me, so I wouldn’t be here right now,” he reflects.

And luckily for Edward, LizQuen visited the PBB house during the duration of his stay. “Let’s just say that when I got out of the PBB house and got my phone back, I watched [our moments] again,” he laughs on the experience. “It was amazing.” Edward talks about the time that he had a date with Liza where he ate chili to impress her. He also recalls how embarrassed he was when Liza came over, he hadn’t really showered nor brushed his teeth because he had just woken up.

As embarrassing as it was, Edward still gets a high remembering the experience. “I had a date with her when she had a boyfriend! I’m very proud of that.” Edward says that was also the time that reality hit him. “All housemates have different experiences inside the house and you don’t really know the reaction of the outside world. It takes a while to sink in,” he explains. “At that point, I really started to believe in it.”

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