Why Is Coleen Garcia Not Wearing Her Wedding Ring?

  • August 3, 2018

After their beautiful wedding four months ago, people have been closely following the married life of Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford. The couple has been sharing their life together on social media: from moving in together, and to their travels around the world using the hashtag #OutWTheCrawfords.

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Annyeong 👋🏻 . . #outwthecrawfords

A post shared by C O L E E N (@coleen) on

A post shared by C O L E E N (@coleen) on

However, in Coleen’s most recent photo on Instagram taken in Napa Valley, netizens noticed that she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring, only her engagement ring.

🌿🍷 . . . #outwthecrawfords

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A netizen commented on her photo: “How come you’re not wearing your wedding ring, only your engagement ring?”

Coleen replied to the concerned netizen and explained: “I’m just having adjustments made,”

Coleen Garcia

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