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Liza Soberano Defends Her Being Filipino

Bagani¸ the latest teleserye of LizQuen, has received some backlash from netizens because of the show’s casting of half-Caucasian leads when the serye is all about the Philippines before our country was colonized by Spaniards. Related: Bagani Receives Backlash from Netizens Due to Alleged Colorism  Lead actress Liza Soberano has Tweeted her response to the backlash, saying […]

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Liza Soberano Allowed to Have a Boyfriend at 24

Liza Soberano is considered as one of the most conservative young actresses in showbiz today. She’s super timid, rarely goes out, and we’ve never seen her in a bikini. That’s why many were surprised when she got the role of the iconic superhero Darna. Related: 5 Things We Love About Liza Soberano Nothing against those gorgeous […]

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Enrique Gil Doesn’t Mind About His No Label Relationship With Liza Soberano

Young actor Enrique Gil is confident with his relationship with love team partner Liza Soberano that he doesn’t even need labels to confirm it. For the Bagani actor, labels aren’t needed if you’re already confident with each other. Liza and Enrique have been working together for years, and recently, it seems like the two finally fell for […]

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Julia Barretto and Liza Soberano Bond Over Watching ElNella Movie

Two of the most beautiful faces of the entertainment industry, Liza Soberano and Julia Barretto were spotted together in the premiere night of Elmo Magalona and Janella Salvador‘s Valentine movie, My Fairy Tail Love Story. The Star Magic beauties attended the premiere night to support their friend and fellow It girl, Janella. The two also revealed that […]

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Liza Soberano Tries Spicy Noodle Challenge

Liza Soberano who was just recently named as the world’s most beautiful face isn’t done surprising everyone. After winning everyone’s heart with her beautiful face and beautiful heart and winning everyone’s attention with her acting, singing, dancing, and even rapping skills, now she just won a challenge that everyone’s been talking about. Related: 5 Things We […]

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Liza Soberano Reveals Hollywood Dream

We can say that Liza Soberano is one of the luckiest young actresses of this generation. She’s been given amazing opportunities such as television and movie projects, countless of endorsement deals, and the most remarkable one is when she got the role of the country’s iconic female superhero, Darna. Related: Liza Soberano Meets Enrique Gil’s Family Its not […]

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“OMG” Liza Soberano Looks So Good Today

Not only did Liza Soberano look so good, she LIZlayed her performance channeling her inner Camila singing and dancing to OMG by Camila Cabello. Last Sunday, January 21, 2018, Liza showed everyone that she had swag performing with Joshua Garcia and Elmo Magalona. Related:  5 Things We Love About Liza Soberano The most beautiful face of […]

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Liza Soberano Meets Enrique Gil’s Family

The relationship of Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil just reached a whole new level as Liza finally meets the family of her on-screen partner and rumored boyfriend in Spain. In an interview with ABS-CBN Entertainment, Liza recalled how the meeting happened and even described Enrique’s grandmother as ‘animated’ and ‘funny’. Related: LizQuen and MayWard Up Meet […]

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Guess What Liza Soberano & Anne Curtis Have in Common?

It’s a given that Liza Soberano and Anne Curtis are both stunning and talented, but not everyone knows that these two have a unique thing in common—they’re obsessed with grocery shopping. New year, new age…remember to take moments to breathe, to be grateful and to just be. There will be moments when it’s really good […]

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The Vamps Member Greets Liza Soberano

Recently named as the most beautiful face in the world according to The Independent Critics’ 2017 list of The 100 Most Beautiful Faces, Liza Soberano celebrated her 20th birthday yesterday. And James McVey of the British pop band The Vamps took to Twitter to greet the lovely birthday celebrant. Related: 5 Things We Love About Liza […]