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EXCLUSIVE: JaDine Reacts to Jack Reid’s Infamous Video Interview

We don’t normally see James Reid and Nadine Lustre react to negative issues thrown at them, especially if they’re from petty and shallow anonymous haters. But when Inside Showbiz asked their opinion about the infamous interview of James’ younger brother Jack, the couple wasn’t able to hide their dismay. Related: Jack Reid Shuts Down Reporters Forcing Him […]

Jack Reid Shuts Down Reporters Forcing Him To Reveal JaDine’s Living Arrangements

Not only does Jack Reid share his older brother James Reid‘s good looks, it seems like he also shares the same intelligence and eloquence when it comes to interviews and answering questions from the press. Half-Australian and half-Filipino Jack Reid finally gets his big break as he stars in an upcoming movie titled Squad Goals, with […]

Jack Reid Shows Interest in Rom-Com Genre

Jack Reid hopes to appear in more television shows and movies. He also shoots down the possibility of having an album soon. “I don’t sing too much yet.” He is also open to having a love team partner just like his brother. “Whatever happens, happens.” As for his showbiz idol, he reveals that it is […]

Jack Reid fronts Folded & Hung Disney Campaign

Trending dance heartthrob Jack Reid just landed his first official campaign for local fashion label Folded & Hung. James Reid’s younger brother who has been causing a buzz lately because of his entry to showbiz is now the face of Folded & Hung’s newest line. Wearing the latest trends featuring the Disney Collection, fans will […]

Look! VIVA Released Jack Reid’s Never-Before-Seen Videos

Everyone knows that Jack Reid has kicked off his career in showbiz. He admitted that he wants to follow the footsteps of his superstar brother James Reid who has already reached his success at an early age. Jack’s first e-magazine cover of Inside Showbiz Weekly captured the hearts of many young girls in online community. […]

Take your pick: 4 Looks of Cover Boy Jack Reid

Heartthrob-on-the-rise Jack Reid is one fine, young chap. Now that he’s getting into showbiz full blast, we can’t wait to see him try out different styles as he takes on different roles. For now, we are happy dressing him up in these 4 cool guy outfits made up of basic wardrobe staples to see which […]

WATCH: Jack Reid and His Killer Dance Moves

There’s a new kid on the block. Jack Reid is here. The baby brother of James Reid and up-and-coming looker Lauren Reid is getting into showbiz full-time, full blast. In this Inside Showbiz exclusive, watch him dance his way to stardom.

Bret Jackson Releases New Collab With James Reid

After the huge success and popularity of their first collab, On Top, Bret Jackson and James Reid reunited and dropped a new single called Caught In Your Feelings. Staying true to the music of their very own label, Careless Manila, Bret’s new song is similar with the new sound of James’ Palm Dreams. Related: James, Bret, and Sam Perform New Song […]

James Reid for Inside Showbiz Weekly

MILLENNIAL MULTIMEDIA KING James Reid For the first time since the JaDine love team made a showbiz breakthrough in 2014, James Reid is all on his own now. He stars in the movie Miss Granny without love team partner and girlfriend Nadine Lustre by his side. Instead, he shares the screen with awarded actor Xian […]

James Reid Shares Traveling Is Easy With A Less Bulky Camera

James Reid to many is an actor and a singer but what not a lot of his fans know is that he is also a photography enthusiast. Take it from his beautifully curated Instagram feed where he posts most of the snapshots that he takes of his travels, friends, family, and of course his girlfriend, Nadine Lustre. […]