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Iñigo Pascual Gives Fan With Leukemia An Unforgettable Day

Our favorite celebrity idols are more than just people that we admire. To a lot of us, they make a great impact in our lives by inspiring us to be better and generally make us feel good about the world that we live in. To meet them is a dream come true for most of […]

Inigo Pascual Gets Slammed By Netizens For Comments About Street Children

Actor Inigo Pascual is in hot waters right now after his comment about street children and poverty. On August 27, Inigo tweeted: “I’m so done seeing kids asking for money from people in cars. Kids are meant to have a childhood. They deserve to play and learn life. Wag manganak kung hindi maalagaan. Hindi nila […]

Inigo Pascual Professes Love For Maris Racal During Her Album Launch

Maris Racal has finally launched her new album, ‘Stellar‘, at the Skydome on July 7, 2018. MarNigo fans were ecstatic when they performed together and sang songs dedicated to each other. RELATED: LOOK: MarNigo Prepares For Upcoming Film ‘I Millennial’ After singing ‘Best Part‘, Inigo Pascual said “I love you” to Maris. After singing ‘Best Part’, […]

EXCLUSIVE: Maris Racal Says New Single Is About Inigo Pascual

The romance between Maris Racal and Iñigo Pascual have definitely been growing and #MarNigo fans can’t get enough of the two especially now that they are more public with their relationship. Mr. Frisco A post shared by Maris Racal (@mariesteller) on May 16, 2018 at 3:22am PDT RELATED: Maris Confirms Relationship With Inigo Pascual Apart from […]

Maris Racal Confirms Relationship With Inigo Pascual

After Maris Racal and Inigo Pascual exchanged I love you’s during their fan meet at Vertis North on May 20, people have been wondering if they’re officially together now. The pair obviously loves each other but their official status is still unknown. When asked about their status, the young actor said that he loves being […]

Inigo Pascual Says I Love You To Maris Racal

Inigo Pascual surprised everyone including his love team partner Maris Racal when he said the three magic words to Maris and got down on one knee and presented her a ring at Just Love Araw-Araw Fan Meet on Saturday, May 19. The very romantic gesture startled the young actress and made her blush and eventually, […]

Why Did Maris Racal’s New Single Make Inigo Pascual Cry?

Young actress Maris Racal proved how talented she is once again when she released a brand new single titled Ikaw Lang Sapat Na. The song instantly instantly topped the radio charts and even made her love team partner, Inigo Pascual, cry. Related: Inigo Pascual Says He Found His Soulmate in Maris Inigo tweeted: “This song makes me cry” […]

Inigo Pascual Says He Found His Soulmate in Maris Racal

Fresh new love team of Maris Racal and Inigo Pascual has been garnering attention and is quickly rising as one of the hottest love teams of the industry. Because their love team is working so well, some are wondering if this is because they’re also together off-screen. With all their sweet photos online, adorable tweet exchange, […]

Did Maris Racal Call Inigo Pascual Her “Bae”?

The tandem of Maris Racal and Inigo Pascual have been one of the fastest-rising ones in this industry. After performing together and accidentally capturing the hearts of people, MarNigo already has legions of fans that support them and cheer for them whenever they have projects together. Although Maris and Inigo’s tandem was unexpected, it seems […]

Maris Racal’s Mom Calls Her out for Being Close to IñIgo Pascual?

Maris Racal and Iñigo Pascual are two of the most popular young love teams of this generation. They’re both music lovers and very passionate in performing in front of their supporters. They love acting, hosting, and they both have remarkable sense of humor. Related: MarNigo Reveals Meaning Of Their Nickname For Each Other See you guys later!!! […]